Saturday, February 23, 2008

NYC Restaurants, Jan 2003

Tony and I spent a couple of nights in New York City and we had some very good meals.

John's Pizzeria
260 W. 44th Street
Between Broadway and 8th Avenue
(Closer to 8th)
This place is across the street from the Milford Plaza. They have absolutely delicious pizza! It's the kind of pizza many people talk about: thin crust and foldable. We had a small sausage and black office pizza. They charge $11 for the small plus $2.50 per topping. We also had a glass of wine (Tony had beer).

23 W. 32nd Street
Between Broadway and 5th Avenue
(Closer to Broadway)
Korean barbeque
There are two floors to this restaurant. Upstairs is where the barbeque tables are located. We had a great meal here. We had the Bulgogi and Kalbi beef. At the table the guests cook their own meats. The waitresses do come around to assist. Along with the meats, we were served side dishes of kimchee, rice, pickled vegetables, a tasty dipping sauce, and lettuce leaves. Lettuce leaves are used to wrap the cooked meat. They also served crab, but we couldn't get the meat out. Needed a knife and the crab was covered in a sauce. Didn't want to mess with that. We had 2 bottles of sake. This place is open 24 hours! $65

200 W. 44th St
Between Broadway and 8th Avenue
(Closer to Broadway)
Carmine's was a fun place to dine. We didn't have reservations, but were placed on the waiting list. We were told "come back in an hour and check again." About 50 minutes later, we did. We only waited 3 minutes before they sat us. Although they take reservations for parties of 6 or more, the waitress told us to call ahead next time and make our reservations. Plates averaged $20. We enjoyed their huge platter of Veal Parmesan as well as their Penne a la Vodka (marinara sauce with cream and vodka). We couldn't finish it all, but did squeeze in a cannoli for dessert. It's best to visit Carmine's with a minimum of 3 people. We saw platters such as their salad piled high.

Kat's Delicatessen
205 E. Houston Street
(on Corner of Lodlow Street)
Lower East Side
We took the subway F to Second Avenue. From there it was a 5-7 minute walk to Kat's. Approx. $10 for the Pastrami. I had ½ sandwich and chicken noodle soup for about $9. Excellent food.

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