Friday, August 26, 2016

Straight Out of Your Camera

Friday, 26 August 2016

I recently signed up with a photo club on Meet Up ( Actually I’m on their 30 day trial. Annual membership fee is $25. Having met some of the gang twice now, I’ll be paying my dues next week. So far I’ve enjoyed the meetups.

This past Wednesday seven of us did a photo walk challenge in Adamstown Maryland, “straight out of your camera”.  No post processing at all.  

Jamie is the organizer of this club and provided instructions. Everyone had to select three words/phrases and write each one on a separate paper.   We ended up drawing four words from the ‘hat”: Red, Window, Light, and Glass. We had to photograph subject that included those words. At least two of the words had to be in the photograph. 

Jamie passed out 256mb (or smaller) cards to use and had to shoot jpg only. What made this interesting is that it leveled out the playing field. Those with full frame cameras/higher megapixels had a lower number of shots to take; while those with entry level cameras/smaller megapixels had a larger number of shots to take.

We spent an hour walking around town. Adamstown isn’t much to look at, but I was happy with what I photographed.  At the start of the walk, I headed in the opposite direction of the group, catching up with a few later. 

We were limited to submitting three of our best photos at the end of the challenge, deleting the rest off the card. These are the ones I submitted:

What I liked about the challenge is that it forced me to carefully look at a scene/subject and take the shot knowing I couldn’t make any changes to the photo. I took my time looking at the subject, framing, moving in/out, looking from different angles, etc, before hitting the shutter. 

While out for the hour, everyone could swap the memory card for their own to keep. I did that but I also uploaded the challenge photos to my smartphone.  

Group voting is going on right now and will end on Tuesday.

I'll update this post next week and let you know if I won the challenge or not. I will also post a link to the other photos that I took so please check this post again after Wednesday.


Saturday, February 6, 2016

Sunday, January 3, 2016

Great Bald Eagles

Taken today, 3 January 2016

More can be found here:

Sunday, November 29, 2015

Excellent Brunch at Nido's

29 November 2015

Tony and I had brunch today at Nido's Italian Ristorante in downtown Frederick. We've eaten here many times for lunch and dinner and have always enjoyed the food and service (love the eggplant Parmesan, linguini with clams, and white pizza, just to name a few).

There's a new chef in the kitchen (James) and we were happy to know this because we know his reputation – he’s an excellent chef. I’m glad Nido’s has him under their belt.

The brunch cocktails list includes a few different mimosas, two types of bloody Mary’s, and other drinks. I had the Limosa, sparkling wine with lemoncello. I loved the lemon flavor (I love limoncello!). Tony stuck with his usual morning brew of coffee.

I had a hard time choosing from the menu (see the photos I attached with this review). I ended up ordering the Florence Benedict with crab meat, asparagus, and a hollandaise sauce. The eggs were poached to my liking, runny on the inside – not overcooked. The hollandaise sauce was just right – not too thick, and just the right amount covering the eggs. Also included were fresh fruit and roasted potatoes.

Tony had the Brunch Pizza Flatbread, which was topped with scrambled eggs, tomato, mozzarella, and mortadella; also the fruit and roasted potatoes.

While enjoying our brunch, we listed to Don, who was playing the accordion.  Nice touch.

The brunch menu ranged from $9 to $15, which I thought was very reasonable for the quality (fresh ingredients) and quantity/portion of food served.

There aren’t too many places in Frederick that serves brunch (I’m talking restaurants versus diners) and the ones that do are expensive (at least in my book). Nido’s gives brunch a twist with Italian ingredients – a nice change from a regular brunch menu.

As an FYI, they have a bar upstairs, in which we've gone for happy hour drinks. You can sit upstairs for dinner or sit and relax on one of the couches/chairs. The place really has a nice casual and relaxed atmosphere.

Overall an excellent meal at Nido’s, along with great service. I’m looking forward to going back to try other dishes on the menu.

Thursday, October 15, 2015

Great Bald Eagles

12 October 2015: My friend Charity and I spent the day at Conowingo Dam, located in Darlington MD. 

It was a spectacular day taking photos of the great bald eagles. This is the time of year for bird migration. The dam will be busy these next couple of months. 

Here are a few that I took, including this sequence shot:

These next two photos is of the eagle going in for the fish:

You can view all of my other eagle photos on my photography web site:  It is not complete, as I have a bunch more to upload. Check back again in a few days.


Monday, September 14, 2015

Hummingbird and others

14 September 2015

A few favorites from this morning; plus a chickadee and Nuthatch. It's a beautiful morning.