Saturday, September 11, 2010

Frederick, MD - In the Streets Festival

Today in Frederick Maryland was "In the Streets", a yearly outdoor street festival. Market street was pedestrians only with lots of food stall, places for kids to have fun, and bands on several corners.

Downtown Frederick was packed with people enjoying the beautiful day. My friend Nicki and I spent about 3 hours walking around the area. We shared a panini sandwich and some wine at Olives. Yum!

There was even a booth with some beautiful owls and hawks, who had been rescued from the wild. One was missing an eye, another a wing, another with a paralyzed wing and this beauty his 'smarts.' He had flown into a window and like the others, no longer can care for himself.

The kids seemed to have the most fun with the hula hoops and face painting, hair coloring, and rock climbing.

Carol Creek Canal was filled with families in boats, along with performers.