Thursday, January 15, 2009

Four Paws & A Defective, Dangerous Toy

My friend Dianne sent me an email the other night with a link to a tragic story about a Labrador retriever named Chai.

Anyone who has a dog, or knows someone that has a dog, should know about the dangers of this toy. Some of you may have the ball at home and not realize it. No ball should ever have just one hole in it. It needs to have at least two or more so that suction does not occur if the dog sticks his/her tongue in it. The company has a recall announcement on their web site, but many may not know about the dangers of this toy.

I did not view the video that is on the blog based on reading many of the blog comments. I don't think I could see a dog suffering. Here’s the link about Chai:
The Chai Story

I have to say that this could happen to any ball with only one hole. Check your dog’s toy box. I suggest you drill 2-3 extra holes in any ball or destroy them. Keep your pet safe and healthy.