Saturday, February 23, 2008

Our Lucy

Tony and I adopted Lucy on 25 March 2001 when she was about 13 weeks old. She's a mixed Spaniel/Dachshund/Labrador, although we don't see any Spaniel in her at all. She has 10 other siblings, all adopted out to good homes. She has a long body, taller legs than a Dachshund, and the face of a Lab. She's a small dog, weighing about 30 pounds. Her siblings range from 12 to 60 pounds. She's been a joy. In June 2001, she fractured her hind leg and wore a cast for 5 weeks. She loves to go for walks in the park and visit with other dogs at Petsmart. Yes, she is spoiled but happy dog!

Lucy at a Halloween event. I painted a white line down her back and top of her head to make her into s skunk. She was all smiles that day!

Here's Lucy with her sister Reilly (on the right).

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