Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Updated Blog Colors

I just updated my blog page with a black background. I think the photos pop! If I get the chance, I might post a "photo-a-day" or at least once a week.


Anja Dijkstra said...

Hi Monica,
I've just been going through your blog and I love it!! Your hotel info and pictures are great! This is a place to come back to. As I promised you earlier on tabblo I will add you website (and this blog) to mine. I hope to do this later today. Will send you an email when I'm ready.
Regards, Anja

Monica Pileggi said...

Thanks Anja for the compliments. My main travel web site is on the link to the left of the page, "My Travel Web Site." I am working to get all of my travel information to this blog, as I plan to shut down the other site. See you on Tabblo! Monica