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Restaurants in Germany

Germany 2000

Hotel Cafe Post

Rheinuferstrasse 2a
Assmannshausen am Rhein
We enjoyed dinner here two nights. This is the hotel we stayed in while on the Rhine. Many small hotels have their own restaurants serving very good food. The food was prepared by Herr Hoetger's son, who also prepared the breakfasts. The meals were very good and reasonably priced. Our first night on the Rhine (and in Germany), we enjoyed dinner with new friends Miriam and Oliver Berk. They are from Germany and live in Frankfurt. We had a great night enjoying wine, beer, and dinner. In season during the spring is the wonderful, delicious white asparagus. Many German menus include several creations of this delicate vegetable. I enjoyed their white asparagus cream soup, followed by a breaded pork cutlet and more white asparagus with a hollandaise sauce. Just divine! Dinner with several drinks averaged about $40 per person. I enjoyed the local Reisling.

For breakfast, we had an assortment of meats, cheese, bread, soft-boiled eggs, orange juice, coffee, and tea. This was included in the price of our hotel price. Frau Hoetger served her guests every morning.

The hotel also has a small outdoor dining area where one can sit out and enjoy the Rhine River views. Barges and boats pass by all day long.

Zum Bomstein
Trier, Haptmarkt 5
We enjoyed dining in their biergarten. We had a typical German lunch consisting of Bratwurst and sauerkraut. Tony had a beer or two and I had white wine. $25.

Hotel Eger-Delfterstuben
Lorcher Strabe 5
Phone: 06722/2766
This hotel had good food. We dined here on a Monday night, so the place was pretty quiet. We both enjoyed their schweineschnitzel for the main course. With dessert, Reisling for me and beer for Tony, our meal was $22.

Pasha Grill Haus
For lunch I enjoyed their lamb kebab with rice and a salad, while Tony had a gyro. Lunch was inexpensive and quite good. $12.50.

Obere Schmiedgasse, 3
We had their sauerbraten, loin of pork, spatzel, and a salad. Wine and beer. $32.

Marktplatz 6
This place served a delicious white asparagus soup. I also had a hugh salad with artichokes, ham, and cheese. Tony had bratwurste with sourkraut. $25.

Kirchplatz 8
For appetizers, we had smoked salmon and escargots. We both enjoyed their weinerschnitzel with spatzel; beer and wine. We had dessert too, but I don't remember what we had. $54. This was one of our best meals in Germany.

Landgasthof u. Cafe
Schonach-Hof, Hohenfurch
This was our hotel while visiting Bavaria. We enjoyed their delicious Jagerschnitzel with a mushroom, cream sauce as well as their Schlemmerschnitzel. Salads were included and I enjoyed their Reisling wine. Dinner for the two of us was $39. We enjoyed this meal so much we switched plates 2 nights later (paid $25 - must have had less wine than the other night).

Post Hotel
We both enjoyed their grilled pork chop stuffed with spinach and hollandaise sauce with potato croquettes, wine and beer. $34.

Weinstrasse #1
Just off the Marienplatz, Munich
We dined here two nights enjoying foods such as pork schnitzel with mushroom cream sauce, a large pork shank with potatos; beer and wine $28. The second visit we had wiener schnitzel, potatoes, and a salad, beer, wine. We shared a table with 3 students. The place was filled that evening. We had such a nice evening with them that we treated them to dinner. $65 for the 5 of us! This place was very inexpensive. No meal was over 12DM. Salads were extra.

Next to our hotel, Blauer Bock
We enjoyed a very good greek meal and beer and wine for about $25.

Glockl am Dom
While Tony was off sightseeing at an old airport, I wandered around Munich and found this place. For $6.50, I enjoyed their Nurnberger Bratwurst and potato salad, with a glass of Reisling.

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