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Restaurants in Greece

Greece 2001

We found the food in Greece to be very inexpensive. Local wines were very good. We even purchased a 5 liter container of local white wine to keep in our room, which was only about $4.70! After a couple of days when we were heading to the next island, we poured the wine into 2 empty water bottles. We never did finish it as there was too much! The beer selection was limited, but their local beer was also good. The gyros were delicious and for about $1.15, great deals for lunch (or breakfast). Most of the menus had the same typical Greek dishes as well as a variety of seafood and fish dishes. The meze platters can serve as a main meal as they are filling. We did this a couple of times.


The Flame of the Volcano

Phone: 0286-25245
Visa accepted
This restaurant
is on the main street of Fira, heading towards Firastefani, about 100 meters past the cable car. We enjoyed fried calamari, an eggplant spread, taramasolata, moussaka, pork souvlaki, white wine and beer. $31.

This little place is across the street and up a block from the local bus stop. We enjoyed delicious gyros! 450DR, or about $1.15. Other gyros (chicken, lamb) were served as well as kebabs. We had lunch here two times as take outs. We took them back to our hotel and enjoyed them on our balcony. These were the best gyros we’ve ever tasted!

Phone: 0286-24550
This place has no menu, but a blackboard of the days specials. We enjoyed taramasolata as an appetizer, then stuff squid with rice and potatoes; Tony had moussaka again! Wine and beer. $17. Very good meal and inexpensive! The place was packed with locals and tourists.

Phone: 0286-23203
Credit cards accepted
On the caldera rim, next to the cable car. We enjoyed a greek appetizer
plate of stuffed vine leaves, feta cheese, eggplant salad, tzatziki, olives. We also had fried eggplant topped with shredded cheese. When the bread was brought out, they also included a small serving of bluecheese dip. For our main entre, I had lamb with cheese and tomatoes wrapped and baked in foil; Tony had fried calamari. We enjoyed a 1/2 bottle of Santorini wine; beer. This was an excellent meal. $37/


Kellari Restaurant

Port area of Naxos
Phone: 0285-22395
Pizza place with Greek food. We had their margarita pizza. We were also served bread. We had dessert and ouzo complimentary of the
manager. We purchased two carafs of wine and while enjoying our chat with the manager, he brought us a caraf of wine, compliments from him. Very nice man. $9. A very inexpensive meal indeed!

Port area
One man was grilling octopus, calamari, cuttle fish, sardines, etc. We dined here two times! The grilled octopus was fabulous! as well as the calamari and cuttle fish. The first night we had two plates of octopus and calamari with beer and wine for about $16; the next night we had three plates: octopus, calamari, and a combination of calamari and cuttle fish. We also tzatziki, 3 carafs of wine and a beer. Paid about $26.

In Apirathos, a hillside town in Naxos, we enjoyed a delicious lunch at a taverna. We had a plate of assorted cheese, moussaka (me this time), grilled chicken with potatoes; delicious fresh bread, and a couple of diet cokes. $15.


Distrato Cafe
In Paros town in the shopping/tourist area, we enjoyed a grilled sandwich with salami, mozarel, tomatoes, and olives; as well as a meze platter of tzatziki, olives, cucumber, tomatoes, cheese, and meat. We obviously ordered too much food. The sandwich was hugh! We could have had the sandwich or the meze platter. We also had 2 house wines and 2 beers. $14.

On the waterfront
Phone: 23410
Credit cards accepted
Prior to getting to this restaurant, Tony noticed one of the transformers on an electric pole was sparking. He said, "that's not supposed to do that." Well, just as we got to the restaurant, the power went out for the whole port area. Buildings and homes in the distance were fine. So we dined by candle light. Our food selection was limited to foods prepared via gas. We started with an assorted cheese plate and pickled octopus, followed by fried mullet and fried shark. All was delicious, including the shark. We had a bottle of Paros wine (a little pricy), which was very good. $32.

Kutsuras, Naoussa
On the waterfront
We were hungry after driving around the island. We enjoyed taramasolata, grilled shrimp with fries, and fried calamari; diet coke and 1/2 liter of white wine. $17. Several of the local fishermen were enjoying their wine and ouzo and singing songs. When do they work?

Across the street from the port. A place for gyro's. $3.50 for 2 gyro's and a coke.


Near the Cathedral
We had fried eggplant, moussaka, and lamb with vegetables baked in parchment paper; 1/2 liter of wine and beer. $17. The food was very good.

On the south side of the port.
Phone: 22297
This restaurant was recommended in the Frommer's guidebook. We Skipped having an appetizer. We had lamb cooked in a ceramic pot; I had a delicious meal of chicken, mushrooms, and bits of bacon in a cream, garlic sauce. It was rich and delicious. Their menu was different than the typical Greek menus. We also had their local white wine. This was one of our best meals. $17.

Picnic Lunch:
For our 5 hour boat trip from Paros to Piraeus/Athens, we went to the grocery store that morning and purchased a picnic lunch. I had read that the food on the boats were expensive. We purchased a loaf of fresh baked bread, cheese, salami, taramasolata, and marinated octopus. We also bought a can of dolmades, but didn't eat them. So, with our food and local wine, we enjoyed a delicious meal for about $8.


Kouklis Ouzerie
Tripodon, 14, Plaka
place serves a dozen different mezes. The waiter brings a hugh serving platter where you can pick and choose which meze you want. We had tzatziki, eggplant, meatballs, calamari with onions and escarole, and stuffed vine leaves. There were other plates to choose from such as beans, sausage, etc. The choice of plates changes (maybe on a daily basis). A bottle of house red Krasi wine as well as a bottle of water is included in the meal. Delicious meal! $19.

10 Agion Anargiron, near the Iroon square.
Phone: 3215-368
Behind our hotel a couple of blocks away is the Psiri area. There were lots of restaurants in this area. We didn't see too many tourists, but locals, especially young people. For lunch Tony had a sausage and peppers in tomato-based sauce and I had pork, cheese, and vegetables baked in parchment. Beer, wine. $21.

Taverna Platanos
4 Diogenous Street, Plaka
We had a hugh meal. Two spinach pies (one is large enough to share), eggplant salad, lamb with eggplant and lamb with peas. We had a bottle of Santorini Boutari white wine. Delicious, filling meal. $29. A Frommer's recommendation.

Taverna Sigalas

#2 Plateia Monastiraki Square, across the metro.
Donar kebabs for lunch with 2 beers and 1/2 liter of white wine. $14. Delicious kebabs. This restaurant is filled both at lunch and dinner. The restaurant next door is owned by the same owner. Walking by these two places in the a.m. you can see the large gyros being cooked. By the afternoon, they are practically gone.

18, Kidathineon Street
PlakaOur last meal in Athens. We enjoyed delicious calamari, fried zucchini with garlic dip; hard cheese; and eggplant/cheese croquettes; 1/2 liter of white wine. $20.

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