Tuesday, October 30, 2012

The day after Hurricane Sandy (30 Oct 12)

Here are a bunch of photos I took today, just one day after hurrican3 Sandy hit the area. We lost power from 5:30pm yesterday till about 12:30pm today. We lost a bradford pear tree, which almost hit our mail box (first 2 photos).

We had damage to our chimney, as I spent most of yesterday and evening emptying a bucket that filled quickly. Will need to hire a professional to fix the chimney/roof area. At least I'm not having to clean up any more.

We headed down town to Baker park with Lucy. It's a very cold, bitter day. Lots of trees down, including some power lines. A few roads were blocked off. 

Downtown frederick was pretty empty of traffic. On a day like this, it's best to stay home, but we were curious as to the damage.  

Lost tree

Near our house



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