Tuesday, October 9, 2012

A Short Trip to Deerfield MA

On Friday, October 5th, 2012, I drove 9.5 hours to Deerfield to see family and to attend grave side services for my cousin Grace who passed away last year. Due to hurricane Irene, many people were not able to attend the services. My drive should have taken eight hours, but due to being a Friday, I got caught in traffic in three different locations.

I stayed with my cousin Reenie for the three nights. I helped her prepare for guests for the next day.

Saturday was quite lovely and just right for the services.

Back at the house, we ate well!  Reenie had ordered deli sandwiches and other goodies for everyone to enjoy. It was a sad occasion but was also great to see my relatives.

The next day, Reenie and I went to the Ashfield festival. It was a cold, raw day. I borrowed one of her jackets. I had not expected such a cold day.

We were told by a couple of vendors that the previous day, being so beautiful and warm, was a lot more active with people.  I was fine with the smaller crowds. There were several food vendors (delicious kilbasa grinder), as well as arts and crafts. Reenie bought a beautiful wool blanket for her bedroom.

The fall colors are just coming in. I'm sure peak time will be next week. Here are some photos from my trip.


304 lb pumpkin!

Stained Glass by Tiffany himself!

My grandmother's barns

PS: Tony and I celebrated our 24th anniversary yesterday (8 October).


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