Monday, January 16, 2012

Korean Lunch

1/16/2012: I was out shopping around and heading home via Rte 40 when I noticed the small sign of Kim Bob Na Ra in a strip plaza. I made a u-turn and headed inside. It was in the late afternoon and only two tables with Koreans eating their lunch.

I ordered the Bi Bimbap for my meal. While waiting, I was served green tea and four types of vegetables in individual small plates: Kim chee (not hot enough for me), diakon (love the crunch), one that I could not identify but was delicious, and an odd one: potato salad with peanuts (delicious).

My Bi bimbab was somewhat different than what I'm used to. It had most of the same ingredients (rice, beef, assorted vegetables, shitaki mushrooms, and a fried egg on top), however, this one was served cold. At other Korean restaurants (such as Hana's in Frederick, which unfortunately is no longer in business) the food is served in a piping hot stone bowl and the egg is still runny so that you can stir it in to the rice mixture to finish cooking. The egg that was on my dish was overcooked (topped with shredded seaweed). Still, it was a good meal and very filling. I'm sure this is just one version of many. Personally, I perfer the hot version.

The restaurant is quite small, sitting about 40 people. The place is very basic, almost a hole-in-the-wall, but that's the kind I like.

The woman that served me was very quiet but pleasant. As I left, I told her I would bring my husband here. We miss the Korean restaurant where we live. She gave me a happy smile and was thankful.

Kim Bob Na Ra
9339 Baltimore National Pike
Ellicott City, MD 21042
Open 10am to 10pm

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