Saturday, March 29, 2008

Adventures in Travel Expo and Andrew Zimmern!

Today I met up with my friend Louisa at the Washington DC convention center for the "Adventures in Travel Expo." I had heard about this expo on the radio the other day, so I went on line to read about it. I purchased my ticket online, as it was less expensive than at the door. I also read that Andrew Zimmern, host of the "Bizarre Foods" on the Travel Channel, would give a talk (autograph signing before his talk), so I was really looking forward to the day.

My photo souvenir!

I also had my picture taken with him.

Louisa with Andrew.

Andrew was quite charming and I could tell from his talk he loves his job! His passion for bizarre foods started when he was a young child. After listening to him talk about why he wanted to create such a t.v. show, I can appreciate it even more and can't wait for Tuesday when the show is on.

There were many exhibits and I picked up many DVDs, maps, brochures, other travel-related items, pens, etc. Oh, and we everyone was in line to meet Andrew, the staff was passing out boxes of flavored crickettes. I wasn't brave enough to try them, but when I got home, Tony ate all of them.

After Andrew's talk, Louisa and I listened to Tony Wheeler, who is the founder of the Lonely Planet guide books. We also ran into Patricia Schultz, who wrote "1,000 Places to See Before You Die." I should have pulled my camera out for a photo op but didn't.

In all, it was a fun day and I was really glad to meet Andrew Zimmern.

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