Thursday, April 9, 2015

Hummingbird Swing

While I am waiting for my hummingbirds to return this spring (hopefully within the next week!) I have been making hummingbird swings.

Apparently hummers like to sit and rest near their feeder, guarding it against other hummers. I saw one web site where a person made her own swing, so I decided to make a go of it.

Supplies from Joann Fabrics:

1/4" dowel (diameter), cut to 7 inches long
12 gauge gold wire (18"), aluminum floral wire
20 gauge red wire
Red beads
Some decorative glass beads (whatever you like)

Drill a hole on each end of the dowel. 

Insert the gold wire and allow 1.5" to wrap around the dowel.

I didn't know how long of red wire to use, so I threaded all of the beads.

Start at one end and wrap the red wire a few times. Then make a curve with a bead; wrap in the opposite direction - it will come naturally. You'll need to keep the wire rolled up enough to pass through the main body of the swing.

Continue all the way around. 

For the center piece, place a bead on the wire, loop around.  Keep about 1/3" of the wire so that you can thread your decorative piece over it, hiding the end.  Add another bead.

 This shows you the fold of the wire. 

I wanted a loop at the top, so I cut a small piece of red wire, a few inches long. I had to loosen the top section of the finished red wire, "sew" through, twist the ends to make a circle. 

Ta da!! This took about an hour to make. Easy!

If you make one, let me know.


PS: Website link to my hummingbird photography:


Anonymous said...

So cool. I'm going to make one. Maybe not so fancy but I'll try and do my best. Thanks.

Monica Pileggi said...

Barb, I hope you have making your hummingbird swing. :)

Ginny Patrick said...

Made a couple of these following your instructions with a little improvising a time or two. Used beads on the first couple...thinking about using tiny flowers on a couple. Seems to have made a hit among my frieds

Anonymous said...

Cant wait to make one for my lil hummer that visits. So glad to find your instructions. So easy to follow. Was wondering why all were using copper, but will be going to Joannes and getting this wire. Ty again.