Thursday, February 19, 2015

Camera Bag/Purse

My new camera bag/purse

I have been wanting to buy a camera bag that that looks like a purse. The camera bags I have are so boring looking.  The camera purse bags that you can purchase can cost anywhere from $200 to $300. No thanks! 

After some research on the internet and finding several DIY purse blogs, I found one that I liked and what looked pretty easy to follow.

I purchased a Liz Claiborne teal green Eclipse Satchel. Regular price $70, but I got it for $44. It did take me a while to find one that I felt would meet my needs and one that looked nice too.

I purchased the materials for the insert of the purse from Jo-Ann fabrics (just over a yard of material in case I wanted to make a wallet or other accessories; 1/2" foam - about 1/3rd yard, thread (I ended up using thread I already had), and velcro.  

I wanted a orange or pink pattern to compliment the teal green (thinking Bermuda colors), but then I found this fun butterfly and postage stamp pattern. I've taken a lot of butterfly photos and I love to travel.  Perfect!!

I measured the inside of the purse length-wise (11"), the bottom 4.5" and the two sides 5.5", leaving space above so I could access the inside pockets of the purse on each side. 

I cut a length of material 11" by 36". I folded it in half with the right sides facing together and sewed the two long sides, leaving one end open.

I reversed the 'pillow case' right side out and inserted one side foam piece and sewed across the case right next to the edge of the foam.

I repeated two more times for the other two foam pieces.

Now the three pieces won't move about.

 (Checking to see how it looks)

I made two small ends (the blog I followed didn't have any), as I wanted extra protection for any camera gear.  

I sewed these ends to the main piece.

Rut-roh!  I didn't read the instructions correctly! I should have stitched the (soft) velcro before inserting the three foam pieces; so I ended up hand-stitching!  Ugh!! That took  couple of hours, as I stitched very small to properly secure the velcro.

I added two on each side, rather than just one.  I ran out of the beige, so I used white - you really can't see it once you fill the purse:

Next, I did two small hand stitches to attach the short ends to the main section. I didn't want to stitch the entire section.

I made just one insert (for now), approx 4.5 x 5"; sewed in the foam with the pattern right side out. When I cut the pattern, I added an extra 2" so that I could sew the 'sticky' side of the velcro to these flaps.

Here's a photo with the main insert...

...and my Fujifilm X-T1 camera (with 18-55mm lens) with the insert, and a few items.

I'm really pleased with the results, even though it took a lot longer than I expected (mostly the hand-sewing).  

This was  a fun project and now I have a stylish camera purse!


David White said...
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Monica Pileggi said...

Hi David, yes, it could be a starter bag for someone, but I made this for my Fujifilm X-T1 and accessories (spare batteries, charger, SD cards, cleaning kit). It's big enough to include my wallet and a few other items so that I don't need to carry both a camera bag and purse. It's well padded and the purse itself is of thick, durable material.