Monday, March 4, 2013

Photos from Lion Country Safari

I visited the Lion Country Safari (16 Feb 2013) for about 4 hours. The first portion I spent about a 1.5 hours driving thru the park. I got there right when it opened, which is one of the better times to visit. The web site states the best time is during a rain.

Most of the animals were still pretty active, so I was glad I didn't show up later in the day. I wish I could have gotten better shots of the lions but certainly understand the necessary, tight fencing. I didn't have to rush with cars behind me. The road is two lanes in some areas so this allows people to stop and watch the animals while others can go around. A female lion kept chasing the vultures away from some bones; the pelicans splashed in the water; and a huge rhino casually walked by my car; just to name a few animals.

Later, I walked around the second section of the park. Loved seeing the flamengos, watching young children feed a giraffe, and relaxed eating a picnic lunch that I packed. There's a petting zoo area with goats and other small animals.

The price is on the expensive side (must be a fortune for a family with lots of kids!) but I was able to get a small discount with a coupon.

It would be nice to visit again the next time I travel to Florida. My mother's house is just 7-8 miles way from the safari!

You can view the rest of my pictures by clicking here.  

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