Saturday, December 4, 2010

Dinner at Volt, 3 December 2010

Dinner at Volt last night was wonderful. We dined again at Table 21. Food was fabulous, although I have to say our first visit (8 October 2010) was better, not in taste or quality, but in some of the food items. There were more meat dishes last time and more variety meats this time.

Due to our dissatisfaction the last time with the dining exerience, I corresponded with Chef/owner Bryan Voltaggio about our evening in October. He invited us back so that we could have the experience of chef's table.

The service was great. Taylor, our hostess, told everyone about each dish that was served.
Here's what we ate:

"spiced cider" busnel cavaldos, pear, coriander

proscuitto chips & dip (a favorite)

yellow fin tuna tartare cilantro, jasmine rice, soy, yuzu, avocado (a favorite)

celeriac macroon foie gras

sunchoke oyster chowder mock root vegetables, dehydrated bacon....

....with the soup added.

nantucket bay scallops shitake, pak choi, garlic (a favorite)

chestnut ravioli maitake mushroom, butternut squash, sage (darn, came out blurry) (a huge favorite)

sturgeon cauliflower, ver jus, chickpea, beluga lentils, cilantro

Bryan on the right

artic char, black forbidden rice, kohlrabi leaves, black trumpet mushrooms

rockfish ruby beet risotto, leek fricassee, maitake mushrooms

Sweetbreads, confit fennel, hazelnuts, black trumpet mushrooms, sorrel

"winter garden" beets, radish, graham soil, cherry glen farm chevre

red wattle headcheese, caramelized red onion noodles, pearl onion

foie gras, brown turkey figs, purslane, vanilla brioche

bread to go with the foie gras

grilled lamb heart, quinoa, pine nut, mint, lemon

pineland farm beef, chanterelle mushroom, applewood smoked bacon, garlic

point reyes blue cheese, apple, balsamic

gala apple, walnut cake, dulce de leche, bourbon

coconut, lavender, vanilla (a favorite)

textures of chocolate, pistachio, orange. (We also received a plate of chocolates, candies, and macroons)

Thanks Bryan for a wonderful night. We appreciate what you did for us.

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