Thursday, October 28, 2010

Arrival in Rome 28 October 2010

Time for another vacation. This trip includes 3 nights in Rome and then 15 nights on board the Celebrity Equinox (Sunday).

Louisa and I arrived safely today. When Louisa and I met up at the airport, I weighed her bag. Actually a guy saw me hook up the scale and he was interested in seeing it so I asked him to lift it 55 pounds, so she had to move things around and I ended up with a few items in my carry on. Had drinks at the bar near the gate and Larry and Anne (from Kauai) sat with us. They had arrived from LAX. Nice time with them and they bought our drinks. We had also ordered fried artichoke hearts with aoli sauce. Very good.

Lots of turbulence last night. Flight attendant came up and I started to show her my ID card to see about getting some complimentary wine and she looked at my seat number and said, "32B and C, yes, we know about you. The Captain told us." So Marcy did know someone on the flight Later he came up to me and introduced himself. We talked (and Louisa too) for about 10 minutes. That was nice of him.

Didn't do much today. Just walked around and had a very good lunch. Ristorante alla Rampa (near the Spanish steps) serves a 10 euros antipasti buffet. One plate only but you can fill it up. Fresh mozzarella, meatballs, eggplant, zucchini, white bean salad, calamari salad, marinated octopus, sauteed spinach, etc. Yummy.

Lots of tourists. Spanish steps packed with people sunning themselves. I went into the church at the top, first time there. Not as spectacular as other Churches' in Rome

It's cold here so I'm glad I brought my heavy jacket. Beautful sunny, no clouds, day.

Will be meeting friends on the terrace here at our hotel for drinks before we go out to dinner with John.

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