Thursday, June 10, 2010

4 June, Friday Venice Italy

Today I woke up late, about 10:30 am. I walked too much yesterday in Ferrara. I missed breakfast but that was okay, as I just wanted to sleep in, relax and not rush out of the hotel. It was another gorgeous day.

I headed to the antique market north of the Academia Bridge at Campo S. Maurizio and bought some loose beads to make into a necklace.
The market was quite crowded. All sort of antiques were on display including porcelain, furniture, dishes, glasses, jewelry, murano glass, books, posters, etc.

In the area I walked through the many small streets and took pictures. It was great to just wander around and explore the area.

Over on the vaporetto from S. Angelo, I went to the Rialto market.
I walked around checking out the vegetables, fruits, and the fish market, which was just closing up. There were many seagull were fighting over the scraps of fish on the ground and inside the plastic trash bags. Some of the birds were quite dominate and several fights broke out. I was able to capture the scene on video. It was quite a scene and very noisy.

I ate some cicchetti (like Spanish tapas) at Osteria Antica Dolo: fried calamari, polenta topped with spicy calamari, and croquettes that were stuffed with green olives and ground beef. All was delicious and enough for a light lunch. I also enjoyed some white wine.

I did some window-shopping and bought a few things. Gold was too expensive to purchase but was nice to look at the window displays of 18k gold pieces. And besides, I have my gold winged lion pendant, so I really didn’t need anything. It was a beautiful afternoon so I just continued to enjoy the city, canals, bridges, and crowds.

A quick vaporetto ride and I was at Piazza San Marco.
It was nice being able to hop on and off the vaporetto anytime I wanted to. The piazza was crowded with many people taking in the scenery, having their picture taken, and feeding the pigeons. In one shop, I chatted with the owner. He had lots of beautiful glass but I was in an area where prices are quite high.

Near one of the bandstands (there are three) a wedding party was dancing to the music. The groom wore a gold suit and the bride in her wedding dress was beautiful.

Another vaporetto ride to my hotel, I relaxed in my room before having dinner at Trattoria da Fiore. Dinner was excellent: Caprese - cherry tomatoes and buffalo mozzarella with basil and olive oil. I have to say it was the best mozzarella I've ever had. It was so creamy with a melt-in-your-mouth texture. Next I had the lasagna Bolognese, which was very good. The waitress asked me, "Buono?" I said "No." With her startled look I said, "Molto buono!" She smiled.

After dinner, I went to the Chiesa San Vidal for a concert. I got a seat up front and to the right, so I had a good view of most of the performers. The company was called the Interpreti Veneziani, who has been performing around the world since 1987. The concert lasted 1.5 hours with a break in the middle.
It was quite magical sitting in a church in Venice listening to the beautiful music. Most of the music was by Vivaldi, but they also played the music of Bartok and Albinoni. I bought a CD to enjoy back home. (〈=en)

On the way home, I took some night shots.

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