Thursday, June 4, 2009

Fort Detrick Recognition Ceremony

With my friend Sil and Bob (from CSU)

Today I participated in the Fort Detrick Recognition Ceremony, "A Celebration of Education." I had completed my bachelor's degree in February from Columbia Southern University (CSU). Graduation for the school isn't until October in Florida and I'm not sure I'll attend.

Today was the first time that the Fort Detrick community held a graduation ceremony for both military and civilians. I had received an email from the education office asking me (and other recent graduates) if I wanted to participate in this new event. I accepted.

The event began with the National Anthem, followed by invocation, opening remarks, and the keynote speaker. There were close to 30 graduates who were called up to receive a certificate of recognition, given by the post's garrison commander, Colonel Robinson. All of us graduated from schools all over the country, a few for their associates, bachelor's degree (me!), and masters (the majority of the group).

A reception followed with cake and punch; and photo opportunities.

My friend Sil attended the ceremony. She worked with me until taking another job last year. She's a CSU graduate and I had selected CSU based on her comments.

Bob is the military and corporate programs manager at CSU and he was invited to attend. Upon meeting him, he asked when I would be starting my masters degree! Hmmmm, not sure. It's something to think about for now.

Tony was able to attend too even though he was on call.

I may or may not go to the actual graduation in the fall. It is located in Florida, so it might be a good time for a graduation/mini-vacation!

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