Tuesday, February 17, 2009

I'm done with my classes!


Today is a special day for me! I just completed my last class for my bachelor's degree in business administration. It's been a long process taking one class at a time over these years. On again, off again. Time to celebrate with some champagne!

Happy, happy, happy!!


24 February 2009:

The University emailed me yesterday saying I needed nine more credits before I could get my degree! Needless to say, my heart skipped a beat, although I knew they were wrong. I immediately emailed back, as well as to my student rep, a copy of my most recent application evaluation report. I also called the auditor. The auditor was looking at my original evaluation report (from 2006), rather than the latest (from March 2007). He also said it was never filed in my records. Thank goodness I keep every email!

He was quick to review the correct document and I received a second email (within 15 minutes) stating, “…you have met all academic requirements needed to complete your degree.”

Now the business affairs office has to do the financial part (I hope my organization paid all the school bills!) and I’ll get another email with the final results. Phew! The interesting thing is: When I emailed my student rep asking about the audit procedures, I seriously considered emailing a copy of my latest report. My instincts told me they were going to look at the wrong document. Boy, what I right!

It pays to keep all documents until something is completed. And even then, depending on the situation, you may want to hold onto it just a little longer.

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