Saturday, October 9, 2010

Dinner at Volt

Yesterday was our wedding anniversary. Tony and I dined at Table 21 at Volt, in Frederick, MD. The meal was fabulous...and expensive. Well worth the splurge for a special celebration. Table 21 is a 21-course tasting menu.

I will say we were a bit put off that Bryan, the chef (and owner), didn't come by to welcome everyone at the table. Between the dinner, drinks, tax and tip, we spent a hell of a lot of money - something we've never done before and most likely won't do again (Bryan, if you read this, check out our bill and you'll understand these comments). I had made reservations stating we would be celebrating our 22nd wedding anniversary and I really thought we would receive complimentary glass of champagne or something. We dine at Patrick's, an inexpensive pub in town, and the owner always greets us (and his other guests) and everyone once in a while comps us on something. Bryan also disappeared after a while. We selected table 21 because we expected to have the chef of the restaurant cook for us. Wouldn't a chef stay to take care of his table? His expensive table? So, we were very disappointed in this aspect.

Here's what we had:

"john daly"
buddah hand citron, sweet tea foam.

chips and dip. This was one of our favorites.

celeriac macaroon
foie gras.

yellow fin tuna tartare
cilantro, jasmine rice, soy, yuzu, avocado. Another favorite.

curry scented squash
smoked scallop, tarragon pudding, red onion marmalade. Okay, this was another favorite!

"chicken parmesan"
parmesan noodles, parsley

cherry glen farm ravioli
maitake mushroom, goat cheese

, smoked chicken sausage, carmelized red onion, crisp chicken skin.

cauliflower, ver jus, chickpea

artic char
carnival squash, pumpkin leaves, black forbidden rice, matsutake mushrooms, brown butter. A new favorite fish for us!

mustard greens, brussel sprouts, red cabbage.

, fennel, kalamata olive, caper, lemon

tuscarora farm beets
arugula, goat cheese, balsamic

scottish hare
, hudson valley foie gras, black mission fig, minus 8 gastrique.

When pigs fly
- these two pigs were on display at our table. We were told that when chef Bryan came up with the idea of Table 21, the health department wasn't going to give approval - stating that it would be dangerous to have customers in the kitchen. So, he invited them to dinner to 'test' it out. The rest is history.

red wattle pork belly
cranberry beans, carmellini beans, mostarda, petite sorrel

duck sunshokes, coffee, brussle sprouts

pineland farm beef
chanterelle mushroom, applewood smoked bacon

point reyes blue cheese
apple, balsamic

goat cheese cake
, bartlett pears, spiced vanilla

gala apples
, walnut crumb, dulce de leche

chocolate covered banana
mousse, caramel, concord grape ice cream

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