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Greece Hotels (2001)

Greece 2001: Here's the list of hotels that Tony and I stayed in while in Greece. We were comfortable in all of them and were very reasonably priced. The hotel in Santorini was the most expensive, but worth it for the private balcony and spectacular caldera view!

Enigma Apartments
Fira, Santorini
Phone: 0286-24024
Fax: 0286-24023
Studio 37.000DR with breakfast (about $98/night)
Credit cards are not accepted
A Class Hotel
Ms. Heidi Trianta /Manager

"Enigma Traditional Apartments are located in the heart of Fira City, on the face of its cliffs, thus offering a magnificent panoramic view of the volcano, the old picturesque port and its fortress. This luxury complex consists of 8 individual very tastefully furnished and traditionally styled apartments, which can accommodate 2 to 5 persons. Each apartment has its own terrace overlooking the volcano, the Aegean Sea and the most breathtaking sunsets in the world."

I agree! We were in apartment #3 and enjoyed the views of the caldera and sunsets from our own
balcony/terrace. Our bed, a queen, was up in the loft. Our apartment had a kitchen (just used the refrigerator), full bathroom with hair dryer, (no shower curtain) and a step down to the toilet and shower; living room. Also, there was a safe in the closet; and a t.v. There are lots of steps to these hotels that hang on the cliff of Fira. Be prepared! We had breakfast at their terrace cafe. There's a bar to enjoy drinks and music in the evenings.

Hotel Apollon
Naxos Town
18,000DR with breakfast (about $48/night)
Credit cards Accepted
B Class Hotel
Ms. Despina Kitini
In Addition to this hotel, Ms. Kitini manages a second hotel, Hotel Zevgoli, as well as the the Naxos Tourist Information
Office (left side of the photo) at the Port. We didn't have reservations, so we headed to the tourist office where Ms. Kitini drove us to Hotel Apollon. Hotel Zevgoli was booked. Hotel Apollon was very nice. We had a corner room, #207, with a balcony that wrapped around the corner. We had views of both the town and the Grotto area. The room had a double bed, a twin bed, t.v., small bathroom; shower with curtain. We were comfortable here. The hotel has large lobby and a breakfast room with a bar. The hotel is located just up from the port and near the main town church. It was a good location, but I probably would have liked to stay in the center of town. Our hotel was near a grocery store a a car rental place. The only problem was the toilet. Even though we kept the cover down when flushing, the water would "explode" out from the sides. So we had a wet floor just next to the toilet. It was kind of funny, but irratating at the same time. Ms. Kitini was a gracious hostess. She certainly runs her business well. I would certainly recommend her to other travelers.

Hotel Asterias
Phone: 0284-21797
Fax: 0284-22172
12.000Dr/night with breakfast
500DR per night for use of the safe
1.500 DR per night for use of the A/C
Credit cards accepted.
This hotel is about 400 meters north of the port. Again, we had no hotel reservations for Paros, just a list of hotels. I asked a police officer, who directed us to the hotel. The hotel faces the
bay. There is an outdoor cafe, the front has a garden filled with flowers, there is a large breakfast room next to the lobby. There are only two floors, so no elevator. Our room, #201, was small but comfortable. Twin beds, balcony facing the bay, small bathroom without a shower. There were mosquitos the first night, so we didn't sleep well. We asked to use the A/C the next two nights as well as having the manager spray the room. The next two nights were fine. Also, having the A/C on drowned out the street traffic as well ask keeping other mosquitos out. The room faces west, so room was very warm in the afternoon. Had there been no A/C, I would have asked for a room facing the backside. The room is very plain. Only one painting on the wall. But for $35/night, who cares about the decor.

Hotel Attalos
29 Athinas Street
Phone: 01-321-2801,-2-3
Fax: 01-324-3124
19.000DR without breakfast (about $50)
Credit cards accepted, although they prefer cash.
Our room,
#511, was on the backside of the building with a large balcony, view of the acropolis (when standing near the railing). There is a very nice roof top garden with bar and fabulous view of the acropolis. The room had twin beds, tv (we watched CNN), a/c, very, very small bathroom with hair dryer, tub/shower and curtain. The door didn't open all the way as it hit the sink. Small room for just one person at a time. Inside the closet was a safe. Very good location just 2 blocks up from the Monastriaki metro and the Plaka. Up a couple of blocks on the right is the central market, filled with meats, fish, seafood, vegetables, and spices. Other goods are sold as well.

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Paros Shepherd said...

Hi, Thanks for the objective reviews.
For budget travelers to Santorini I usually advise to stay on the sea view side at half the money--then have drinks and dinner with a caldera view.